Saturday, June 20, 2009

Epiphanies galore!

Hubby (Russ) and I sat with all of the compiled images of the Burrow last night just trying to get how the house was actually built, attached, added on to, and it just hit me; It looked to me like the original part of the house (which was the Tudor looking cottage with the 4 roof sides on the bottom left of the house) looked like it was between 700sf and 800sf. We would start with building that part of the house 1st (just like it would have been done originally) and build up from there. It only makes sense. Now that Cate gave me such a great idea to start with cardboard templates, the process of figuring out the additions will be so much easier than trying to figure out how to cut and measure the wood!

Wowzers! Welcome, Welcome everyone!

Thanks everyone for following this blog!
Hubby and I are excited to get going on this. Hubby is my subcontractor and will be cutting most of the custom pieces for the house :)

Cate, I'm so inspired by your cardboard Burrow layout!
I don't know why we did'nt think of that as well!
And to hear Rik Pierce is doing the Burrow! I'm excited and intimidated at the same time. He is truely a building genious and I can't wait to see his. I'll either shrivel in shame of mine, and/or learn a few things from him. lol

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome! This is Blog #2

I started up this blog due to the need for a completely dedicated space for this super complex dollhouse miniature project.
I'm creating the Harry Potter Weasley house called The Burrow in one inch scale miniature.
Right now, I am in the measuring and planning stages of the project.
Since the house is so super tricky with parts that jut out, and pieces of the structure that were built on stilts, the planning stage will be intricate.
I have some ideas though!

I've been scouring the web for any and all pics I could find of the Wealey's Burrow, and I think I have it down!The base of the left side of the house will have to be a custom build. This is the part with the octagonal (?) roof. On top of that is 4 more stories. I figured that the next 2 stories which are on "stilts" will be the Houseworks 2 story room box which I have here already.To the right of that, will have to be another custom part to build or another 2 storey room box with the Adams dollhouse attached to the top of it. On top of the Adams will be last years spring fling house Annies Lobster shack, and then the attic will again be a custom build.Whew! Now I know why noone has attempted this so far! Well, I am excited to be the 1st. The house will stand 4.5 feet high by the time I am done with it. My biggest to date! Whho hoooo here I go!!
Stay tuned!