Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome! This is Blog #2

I started up this blog due to the need for a completely dedicated space for this super complex dollhouse miniature project.
I'm creating the Harry Potter Weasley house called The Burrow in one inch scale miniature.
Right now, I am in the measuring and planning stages of the project.
Since the house is so super tricky with parts that jut out, and pieces of the structure that were built on stilts, the planning stage will be intricate.
I have some ideas though!

I've been scouring the web for any and all pics I could find of the Wealey's Burrow, and I think I have it down!The base of the left side of the house will have to be a custom build. This is the part with the octagonal (?) roof. On top of that is 4 more stories. I figured that the next 2 stories which are on "stilts" will be the Houseworks 2 story room box which I have here already.To the right of that, will have to be another custom part to build or another 2 storey room box with the Adams dollhouse attached to the top of it. On top of the Adams will be last years spring fling house Annies Lobster shack, and then the attic will again be a custom build.Whew! Now I know why noone has attempted this so far! Well, I am excited to be the 1st. The house will stand 4.5 feet high by the time I am done with it. My biggest to date! Whho hoooo here I go!!
Stay tuned!


  1. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!! I've been dreaming of building the Burrow and now I get to see you do it! I'm working on a Quality Quidditch Supplies shoppe so I'll have to make Chudley Cannons stuff that will carry over into Ron's bedroom when I do get around to building the Burrow.

  2. Oh Mary! I can't wait to see your Quiddich shop!
    Hmm we might have to do some kin of swap! LOL
    Big hugs,

  3. I love Harry Potter and I am excited to watch you make this house- it is going to be brilliant!!

  4. This is going to be quite a challenge and I'll be with you on your journey. Can't wait to see it all come together.
    Mini Hugs...

  5. Hi Monica! I too am building a Burrow - though mine is in 1:24 scale. My plans would've created a structure that was 6' tall and I just couldn't keep such a house in my little home so 1:24 it is! :D I've been planing mine for about 2 years now and I've not been able to get beyond the cardboard model stage - but I'm dying to! Yours will help to inspire me! I have it on very good authority that the paperclay master Rik Pierce is also building a we'll all have lots of eye candy soon! :D

  6. Thanks everyone! *hugs*
    Cate, We will have to compare notes! 6'?! Holy cow!
    Smart idea to go in 1:24 scale!

  7. Wow, good luck with this! :D Sounds like a fantastic, wonderful project. I'll be watching. And if you ever want to share photos of individual items you're making for it, before the house is done, or individual rooms, please, do contact me! (I have a blog that shows off interesting miniatures)

  8. I won't be building a burrow although I did think it a fun movie set and model when I saw the flick last night.
    My tutorial on how to make an 8 sided roof for miniature buildings might be of use to all you wanna-build-a-burrow creators.
    If you don't want to cut it yourself then contact me.

  9. This is adorable, it's so hard to find harry potter miniatures. It looks so real you expect the gang to apperate at any moment!

    See my miniature supplies for making potions just like at hogwarts

  10. This is a wonderful little scene. So whimsical! I'll bet cats really love it! see my tiny mouse miniatures